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Your ultimate packing assistant. Create packing lists, manage packing process, save trip notes and memories in one app


Going on a trip can be exciting, but packing for it can be a hassle. With Time2Pack, you'll be able to pack more efficiently and effectively, so you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about what you might have forgotten.

Your ultimate travel assistant
Traveler's ultimate trip companion
Time2Pack is the perfect app for travelers who want to make the most of their trips.
Create your own packing list from scratch or use the personalized list from Time2Pack based on your destination, trip length, and activities.
packing lists
Pack more efficiently with our app, saving you time and reducing the stress of packing. With Time2Pack you will never forget anything important.
packing process
Time2Pack automatically saves your trip photos, making it simple to find and share memories with friends
your memories
Why Time2Pack?
  • Customizable Packing Lists
    Create your own packing lists or receive recommendations for items to pack based on your destination, trip length, and activities.
  • Efficient Packing
    Time2Pack helps you to pack effectively by providing a clear and organized view of all items you need to bring on your trip.
  • Photo & Note Saving
    Save and organize photos and notes from your trips, making Time2Pack a complete travel companion.
  • Sustainable travelling
    Go green and save money with Time2Pack! Avoid buying items you forgot to pack and travel sustainably with the app's comprehensive packing lists.
  • Weather forecast
    Stay prepared for any weather with Time2Pack's real-time weather forecast feature, ensuring you pack only what you need for your trip.
  • ...and more to come!
    Get ready for even more travel convenience with Time2Pack! Exciting new features for travellers are on the way!
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